Mogul Mick's Skiing Secrets

Ski with Mogul Mick


Mogul Mick is, among other things, a Nationally Certified Alpine Ski Instructor. He is available for both private coaching and guided alpine adventures, accompanying intermediate and advanced skiers on their winter visits to several ski destinations in central and southern California. He is not affiliated with any snowsports school or ski resort, and operates independently from any of the areas where he teaches.

Don't be misled by his modest tuition. Mogul Mick is highly skilled at helping novice skiers become confident intermediates, and helping intermediate skiers break through their limiting habits so they can progress to the advanced levels of skiing. Having Mogul Mick as your ski companion and personal coach is an effective and enjoyable way to become a more capable skier. Don't spend your ski vacation taking "one-size-fits-all" lessons at a standard ski school, when you could be out learning skiing's best-kept secrets from Mogul Mick!

Coaching is available January through March, Tuesday through Thursday.
One-hour private session, 1-2 adults: $60 per person
Two-hour private session, 1-2 adults: $100 per person
Three-hour private session, 1-2 adults: $150 per person
Half-day guided ski adventures, 1-4 adults: $200 (no beginners)

At the present time, Mogul Mick is only accepting coaching referrals from his skiing colleagues, as well as from his present and former students. He regrets that coaching sessions can no longer be made available to the general public.

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